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Rolling Compactor Crushes Waste for Maximum Dumpster Usage.

In this video you will see for yourself the awesome crushing power of Ropax Rolling Compactors.
Fast, effective, and simple to operate these rugged machines are the best way to compact waste in open top containers for maximum container usage.

Traversing Compactor For Multi-Container Compaction

In this new video featuring our Ropax Traversing Compactor you get a birdseye view of Compaction in Action.

Watch as the two-ton roller rips items to shreds allowing for maximum dumpster usage. The unique traversing feature allows
it to be used with up to 8 side-by-side dumpsters.


Ropax Compactor

Maximize Dumpster Efficiency, Minimize Waste Disposal Costs

The best way to save money on trash hauling is to reduce the number of hauls required. So, if compaction means you can fit two times more waste in a dumpster, it also means that same dumpster only needs to be collected half as many times. 

Ropax technology


Ropax technology uses a rotary drum to compact container loads of waste and recyclables for efficient management and transport

Epax Systems, Inc., recently signed an exclusive manufacturing and distribution contract for the U.S. market with Germany-based Heinz Bergmann OHG (Bergman) for Ropax rotary compactors. - November 19, 2019

Mobile Ropax

Ropax Mobile Compactor

Mobile compactor serves multiple dumpsters – reduces waste volume up to 80% by employing a rolling drum with sharp metal teeth to crush, macerate, tear, rip and compact waste.

Axxess Controls

Axxess controls from EPAX designed to improve the safe use of waste compactors and balers

EPAX Axxess controls is an electronic key box that eliminates the requirements for the traditional keyed on-and-off switch by offering a keypad that allows users to type a 4 digit code in order to control the equipment.

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