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Save Time and Money with a New High Density Industrial Baler Available Nationwide


If your business consumes a considerable amount of cardboard, paper, aluminum, or plastic, upgrading to a new industrial baler may yield substantial benefits. Epax Systems, Inc., provides both vertical downstroke and horizontal recycling balers in a range of sizes. We serve the United States and Canada.

With the use of an effective high density baler for your recyclable materials, you can move toward eco-friendly operations. You can also lower utility, labor, and waste disposal costs. Depending on the type of waste generated, your business may benefit from a side revenue stream by selling the recyclables.

Epax Systems, Inc., offers horizontal industrial balers, available in sizes ranging from 42 to 72 in. Regardless of the recycling baler you select, all of our equipment is safe, easy to use, and built with large feed openings. Our industrial balers are available for both purchase and lease.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Downstroke Baler

A downstroke baler is an effective way to manage recyclable waste in a grocery store, a hotel, a school, and many other types of businesses nationwide. Epax Systems, Inc., is proud to provide efficient waste management solutions to meet all business needs, and we are eager to help you take advantage of the benefits of a new downstroke recycling baler.

This type of baler has a small footprint, a large feed opening and a deep chamber. It is suitable from baling paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum, and it can improve your business’s recycling efforts. Because baled material is tightly condensed, it reduces your need for storage space. It also enables the recyclables to be hauled away more efficiently.

Epax Systems, Inc., provides downstroke and horizontal balers in a range of sizes to meet all needs. Our top-of-the-line equipment is designed to be easy to maintain and efficient to use. Contact us by phone or through the website to request more information about our baling equipment and our flexible payment plans.

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