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Apartment Compactors for United States Waste Removal

Apartment Compactor 3d

Waste management is an integral part of operations and management equation. A comprehensive system for waste disposal is very important for any environment, apartment or building like hotels, hospitals, schools office, dormitories and so on. This is where Epax System’s experience with apartment building waste compactor comes in.

Apartment Compactor

Designed for Apartments & High Rise Buildings

Our waste compactor unit is designed for the sole purpose of reducing the amount of waste or pollution usually generated. This disposal system aims at reducing high quantity of waste deposits on landfills. This is a better alternative compared to the traditional disposal system. This is a more effective way of creating a healthier and cleaner environment. With a compactor, the trash is compressed and gotten into the form of a more manageable waste.

The apartment garbage trash waste compactor is a stationary unit with a design ideal for apartment or city high-rise buildings. They are designed with the aim of solving problems related to extra tight space situations. Thus, whenever, there is limited space of trash placement, the apartment garbage trash waste compactor is the solution.

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  • Power unit (desk mounted)
  • Transition hopper
  • Access door (with interlock)
  • Extended motor life (TEFC)
  • Pressure gauge (liquid filled)

Depending on the bin or household size, they come with the ability to compress trash worth about four weeks into an about 30pound bag. Their doors are tightly sealed (with in-built deodorizers and filters) and as such eliminates any form of odors when the compactor is closed. Some models go as far as coming with a mechanism for self-cleaning.

Cost Effective

Waste disposal services are billed based on the amount of waste generated. Since a compactor eliminates the problem of space, occupied by the waste; that translates into less cost. Also, the problem of having to haul frequently is minimized or eliminated.

Save space

Apartment building trash compactors usually come in designs that save space. They feature dimensions that can fit in any space without being an obstacle of any sort. With the modern models, that can be installed beneath cupboards or custom fit to match your cabinetry.

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