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National Waste Services: Compactors & Balers for Sale, Rent, & Leasing

If you looked at any state in the United States or province in Canada, you would find many businesses spending way too much money disposing of waste and recyclable materials. With our unique trash compactors and recycling balers for sale, rent, and lease, Epax Systems, Inc., provides the affordable managed waste services your company needs.

Our waste and recycling specialists offer top-of-the-line equipment from the leading manufacturers. Our innovative solutions can fit any business in any space, from the high-rise apartment building with minimal space for dumpsters to the shopping center disposing of cardboard and plastic. All of our products are available for purchase, enabling long-term savings throughout your company’s operations. However, those who are not ready to buy outright can instead rent or lease everything we offer.

Additionally, we help businesses optimize their waste removal process by providing managed waste services. We help you streamline your garbage collection and removal process, install all the equipment you buy from us, and schedule and monitor the haulers who take your waste and recyclables away.

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  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Top-of-the-line Equipment
  • Environmentally Conscious
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The Sole Provider of the ROPAX™ Garbage Compactor

Of course, the compactor you buy from us needs to be able to handle any waste you throw into it. Epax Systems, Inc., is the sole national provider of the the ROPAX system. ROPAX is an industrial garbage compactor that is ideal for crushing and compacting voluminous waste material, such as wood pallets, skids and crates.

ROPAX comes in both smaller rotary and jumbo sizes. We also provide mobile Ropax Jumbo units for companies with remote worksites. Like all our other compactors and balers, we can provide a preventive maintenance schedule for any ROPAX unit you buy. All our rentals—including ROPAX—comes with maintenance and repair services included.

Don’t continue to throw money away with your trash. Epax Systems, Inc., is your source for all the waste services your company needs. For more information about our recycling balers or garbage compactors, call us today.

Epax Ropax Rotary Drum Container Compactor

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