About Epax Systems, inc.

Epax Systems, inc., is an environmental technology business that was founded in 2000, headquartered in Los Angeles, and employee-owned. We have earned a well respected nationwide presence through our placement of more than 1,000 systems and our broad expanse of trash management services provided to hundreds of clients. About Epax Systems, Inc.

In our programs for shopping centers, our focus is twofold. The primary objective is cost-effectiveness. But today, maximizing the diversion of trash from landfilling is also becoming increasingly important.

We recover cardboard almost as a matter of routine. Whenever possible, food wastes are collected for composting. When food waste is separated efficiently, often mixed recyclables can be removed cost effectively, as well. Provisions are made for restaurants to pool cooking oils for diversion to biodiesel production. Mixed paper and container (plastic, glass, aluminum) streams are often possible.

National Provider of Industrial Trash Equipment

We provide the equipment to accomplish this most cost effectively. We ensure proper operation and service of the equipment. We manage haulers and recyclers for maximal collection and disposal efficiency and pay them directly. And, we bill merchants for managing their trash based on the type and size of their business.

By outsourcing this way, shopping center management can focus more on front-of-the-mall challenges to increase business, leaving this backside worry to us.

Generally, in the placement of equipment, we handle a wide line to meet the waste handling and recycling needs of most businesses. New equipment is made by JV Manufacturing and other companies prominent in the waste handling and recycling equipment field. In addition, we refurbish used equipment of popular brands which we place, largely on a rental basis, in a program that has expanded significantly in recent years because it provides lower cost access to expensive equipment for many customers.

In collaboration with Bergmann, Germany’s most innovative manufacturer of waste handling equipment, we are about to reintroduce the ROPAX™ compactor to our market, a remarkable cost-saving and space-saving opportunity for many.

In these ways we can select from a broad line of new and renewed equipment that allows us to recommend what we believe is the very best suited for the task at hand.

We Care About the Environment

Quite simply stated, our goal is to create the most environmentally friendly, economically and ecologically sound solutions for the handling of trash generated by our clients and customers, be it equipment selection and placement or, as in the case of large shopping centers, complete management of their discarded materials streams.

We are proud members ICSC and WASTEC.