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Trash & Waste Compactor Repair & Service

We Service All Types of Commercial Trash Compactors & Balers

Just like any machine, failure or issues may arise. What do you do when your commercial or industrial trash compactor or baler is not performing the way it should?

Epax Equipment Services is your complete solution for the repair and maintenance of Solid Waste and Recycling Equipment. Regardless of the Make or Model, we service it all. The more time your compactor or baler is out of commission, the more you’re hurting your business from operating at its full capacity.

       Trash & Waste Compactor Repair & Service

Note: we do not service any type of household trash compactor. We specialize exclusively in commercial or industrial baler or compactor repair & service.

Why Choose Epax Systems for Trash Compactor Repair & Service?

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Common Issues Reported with Trash Compactors

Trash compactors are built to last, but that doesn’t make them invincible from problems – especially if you are not performing routine maintenance. In our experience, the most common issues reported with commercial trash compactors have been:

Repair Your Trash Compactor Today!

If you have any issues regarding your commercial trash compactor or industrial baler, then we urge you to call us @ 800.220.6776 in order to have one of our technicians assist you promptly. We may also be contacted online.

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