Ropax™ Rotary Trash Compactors for Mixed Waste
Ropax™ Rotary Trash Compactors for Waste Management
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Epax systems, Inc. introduces the new all-electric ROPAX™ compactor for mixed waste. Built by Bergmann in collaboration with Epax Systems, Inc. using German and US components.

Save Money by Switching to Ropax™

The Ropax Compactor utilizes powerful rotary drum maceration to turn your loose trash into compacted trash. You can save up to 80% on your trash disposal costs by switching to a Ropax trash compactor. With its high compaction capability, you can save space and money spent on waste disposal.

Many restaurants, retail stores, and shopping malls store their trash in open air trash bins. These bins are unsanitary, unsightly, and can attract unwanted pests. The Ropax Compactor can resolve all these problems.

The Ropax Compactor is all-electric, also eliminating the need for hydraulic oil. Give us a call to learn more about how the Ropax Compactor can help your business save money and improve your waste management.

       Ropax™ Rotary Trash Compactors for Mixed Waste | Waste Management


  • High Compaction
  • Small Footprint
  • All Electric
  • No hydraulic oil
  • Stores more trash in less space.
  • Eliminates odors by reducing air space.
  • Keeps pests out with secure storage container.
  • Save money on disposal by decreasing waste pickups.
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