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Epax Leader in Managed Waste Services

ROPAX™ JUMBO Rolling Compactor

for Wood Recycling, Pallet Disposal, Wood Waste, Scrap Wood

If you are having trouble managing your waste, perhaps because your compactor is not powerful enough to shred tough materials, then you should consider getting the Ropax Jumbo Rolling Compactor.

The Ropax Jumbo rolling compactor is ideal for bulky and voluminous waste material management through compaction in open containers. It is suitable for the economical and effective compacting of reusable and recyclable material before recycling, reuse, or disposal.

Ropax Jumbo Compactor | Wood Recycling, Pallet Wood Waste Disposal

The unit comes with an automated system to help ensure that the equipment has optimal lubrication at all the different movable points.

What to Expect from the Ropax Jumbo Rolling Compactor

Economic wood disposal

The Ropax compactor helps you save on space, labor, and waste disposal costs. This rotary compactor not only occupies a small footprint, but can also work continuously as you add waste to the open top container.

Extreme compaction

The rotating drum keeps the waste under constant pressure, allowing you to dispose 80 to 90 percent more trash per pickup. Moreover, the crushing drum is spiked to facilitate air expulsion as it reduces the volume of your trash several times more than traditional compactors. This dramatically reduces your monthly trash disposal costs.

Low maintenance

Ropax compactors are robust and low maintenance. They feature innovative technology that uses an electromechanical direct drive - as opposed to chains - to reduce the amount of maintenance needed to maintain optimal reliability. With low and easy maintenance, they can be placed in demanding environments with continuous operation. With high quality and production standards, you can rely on your rotary compressor for years to come.

A hygienic working environment

With optimal compression, you can process your waste as fast as it is generated, eliminating the problems that come with having many trash bags at any one time, such as limited space, trips, spills, infestations, mold, etc.

Space savings

The rotary compactor needs very little space, and you don’t even need to make any structural alterations. You now have more space available that would, otherwise, have been used to store uncompacted waste.

Reduced waste disposal costs

Volume is one of the biggest constraints to economical waste disposal. When transporting bulky, uncompacted items with a lot of space and air between them, you end up with disorganized, overflowing waste that also increases the cost of waste disposal. Compaction maximizes the container capacity and space utilization during waste transportation, reducing your costs.

"Working with Epax Systems, Inc. has greatly cut down our costs in managing our bulky waste byproducts. Our CFO is very pleased with the efficiency and cost savings that have accrued from the industrial baler Epax recommended for our business. Before Epax, we were averaging around 1.1 tons of waste in a container. With Epax, we are now averaging 5.5 tons of waste in a single container which has drastically cut down the amount of hauls required to move this waste. They offer a great product & provide excellent customer service. We're more than satisfied!"

- Patrick H., Supply Chain Specialist, Ingeteam Inc


The Jumbo traversing rolling compactor is ideal for streamlining your waste management system. It has a strong and solid construction for compacting wooden boxes, pallets, recyclable materials, and voluminous and bulky waste of all kinds. Some of the places it can be used include:

If you are looking to replace large, inefficient pre-crushers and keep waste from piling up at your workplace, contact us to get the Ropax Jumbo compactor.