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Epax Leader in Managed Waste Services


Epax Systems of Van Nuys provides managed waste services to retail stores of all kinds: clothing stores, toy stores, bookstores, grocery stores, and many others. If you are in retail, then you are dealing with what seems to be a never-ending supply of cardboard boxes and other materials that all end up in the same place: a trash bin.        Waste Management for Retail Stores
How Can EPAX Systems Help My Retail Store?
Trash bins have to continuously be monitored to prevent overflowing, as well as be consistently scheduled for pick-up on certain times and dates. This is where EPAX comes into the equation.

We provide your retail store with a trash compactor, also known as a baler, which is engineered with industrial strength power and meets any safety regulations. Trash compactors have one job: to compact trash. By compacting trash, you accomplish the goal of saving your business money that can be spent elsewhere – such as customer service.

Money is saved because you will no longer need to schedule as many trash pickups, or deal with overflowing trash – wasting valuable time. It helps you save space, as well as lower your utility costs as it saves energy. Most importantly, it lowers your monthly trash disposal bill by a large margin depending on the trash volume your business experiences from daily operations.

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EPAX Has Your Back
Trash is often an aspect of many retail businesses that is often overlooked because many business owners are simply unaware that money-saving technology exists in the industry of trash management. By allowing us handle the things that happen behind-the-scenes, you are able to pour more of your effort and resources into other areas. No business manager wants to deal with trash – EPAX does.

The Choice is Yours
We have several types of technologically advanced balers that meet specific needs and budgets. If you want a baler that is run by a single person, then you may want to consider a vertical baler. If you have a very large trash volume and would rather have a machine that is automatic, then a horizontal baler might be a better solution. View your options here.

Call us @ (818) 994-2870 to see how you can save on trash disposal. You will receive a thorough consultation where we will inspect your business and recommend the best solution that tailors to your specific needs. We have over a decade of experience of providing managed waste services to a variety of industries including shopping malls, residential, movie theatres, and restaurants.
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