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Epax Leader in Managed Waste Services

Reduce Restaurant Waste Disposal

Restaurants face large volumes of trash every single day they are in operation. Various types of restaurant trash include food waste and recyclables such as paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, and aluminum.

Epax Systems of Van Nuys offers waste management solutions for the food service industry, including restaurant businesses.
       Reduce Restaurant Waste Disposal

High-End Industrial Balers Make a Difference

We understand that turning a profit is the main goal of any business, which is why we take pride in our managed waste services for restaurants. Our high-end technology industrial balers are specifically designed to save you money on trash disposal through the use of recycling.

Ineffective trash systems result in overflowing trash bins, time-wasted spent fixing the situation or dealing with loose trash, money lost on frequent trash pick-ups, and foul odors. Epax Systems provides sustainable trash equipment perfect for restaurants, small or large. We have different sized compactors designed to fit in tight physical spaces, if needed.

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Recycling Equipment Made Easy

We will work with you to establish a strategic plan that works best for you. This will include a critical evaluation to observe what could be improved on and recommendations, initial set-up of your baler and/or trash compactor, on-site training, followed by routine site visits to ensure everything is flowing smoothly.

Establishing an efficient waste management strategy that aims at maximizing your waste disposal costs is where our experience lies. Epax Systems has been working with restaurant owners, shopping malls, theatre owners, and other types of businesses to establish a solid recycling and waste management plan.

Call us at 818.994.2870 or contact us online to learn how you can start an effective trash management system handled by experienced professionals.
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