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Epax Leader in Managed Waste Services

Epax Remanufactured Waste and Recycling Equipment

Epax's commitment to sustainability coupled with its expertise in steel fabrication, hydraulic process engineering, and hi-tech end-of-life equipment that can be returned to the market same-as-new, gives our customer a selection of reasonably priced equipment without sacrificing performance or reliability.

The process of remanufacturing a product includes the following basic steps:

Upon selection of the equipment, it is inspected and assessed for suitability. Typical remanufactured components are cylinders, hydraulic components, electrical components, steel frames and boxes.

The equipment is completely disassembled into its constituent parts, down to the level of every individual nut and bolt. The parts are cleaned using environmentally-friendly processes. Then they are inspected for remanufacturability using detailed criteria.

Remanufacturing Technology
The individual parts are remanufactured to exact specifications to ensure they provide the same quality, reliability, and durability as they did when they were new. Epax salvages a significant percentage of original material - reducing new parts usage.

Engineering Updates & Assembly
All appropriate engineering updates since the component was originally manufactured are included. Remanufactured components are assembled from the finished remanufactured parts.

Test & Paint
The component is tested, painted, and made ready for sale as an Epax Remanufactured trash compactor or baler.

Epax's one year parts and labor warranty for remanufactured equipment is unprecedented in the industry.

All Epax remanufactured equipment conforms to all current ANSI Z 245.2 safety standards.

All factory options are available on remanufactured equipment.

       Epax Remanufactured Waste and Recycling Equipment 1
Before the remanufacturing process.

Epax Remanufactured Waste and Recycling Equipment 2

Epax Remanufactured Waste and Recycling Equipment 3

Epax Remanufactured Waste and Recycling Equipment 4

Epax Remanufactured Waste and Recycling Equipment 5
After the remanufacturing process.
Epax recycles over 200 tons of steel in our remanufacturing process every year and we use
80% – 90% less energy and material than manufacturing the same new product. Our customers can be proud of reducing their environmental footprint while saving valuable resources for same performance as new equipment.