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Today's businesses strive towards greener operations. A company that is environmentally responsible will look to reduce their waste, their carbon emissions, and to recycle more. Some business owners may be unsure of how to implement an effective recycling system, and what tools can help get the job done correctly without adding to their emissions. Epax's waste management equipment is made to meet all of your recycling needs as a business.        Recycling with Epax Balers
all about industrial balers
Our machines help businesses save on waste expense, energy costs, and physical space. We design our equipment for maximum efficiency. The best type of equipment for recycling is a baler.

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Industrial Balers for Recycling
Balers are a popular option for recyclers and warehouses dealing with large amounts of recyclable materials daily. Balers are made to compact trash horizontally or vertically. Most balers are used to compact blocks of cardboard, paper, plastic, or aluminum cans. Balers can process any type of dry trash, sorted or mixed, and compact them into large blocks.

The bale blocks can then be shrink-wrapped and sold, or sent to appropriate centers for further processing. The most convenient feature with bale blocks is that they are securely compacted. Instead of plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, or cans laying around as loose recyclables in bags or boxes, your recyclables and can be baled, stacked one on top of the other, and put away until pickup. With bale blocks you can manage your space and store recyclables smart and securely.

About Our Balers
Epax has both horizontal and vertical balers available. When choosing a baler it is important to understand how the sizing and density of each bale is affected. Vertical balers are ideal for smaller spaces, leaving less of a footprint while requiring less space. Horizontal balers tend to be able to handle bigger loads and create higher density bales.

All of our compactors use German and US components. Even our remanufactured equipment have a one year parts and labor warranty that is unmatched in the industry. Call us if you are interested in learning more about our recycling balers and how they can benefit you and your business.

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