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Epax Leader in Managed Waste Services

Multi-family Waste Services

Managed waste systems for residential and multi-family developments.

Residential developments can be tricky. Developers are now increasingly being required to show a waste plan which supports a mixed recycling program for tenants. New projects are under special scrutiny and usually must show a recycling plan before being issued a CO (Certificate of Occupancy).        Multi-family Waste Services

Pressure for Environmental Waste Management

These increasing regulations are driven by new city requirements and mandates set forth by the state. States are under pressure to demonstrate steadily increasing diversion rates. These numbers are being regulated by the Federal Government with their goal to continue increasing states' mixed recycling diversion.

Cities initially targeted home owners because it was easy to mandate the diversion of household organics, green waste, and mixed recyclables. Multi-family projects have now emerged as a newfound opportunity to increase diversion rates and are the focus of most municipalities. For the developer and property manager, this can be challenging.

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Our Recycling Equipment Meets the Requirements

Our experience with equipment and diversion of mixed materials enables us to develop and implement manageable recycling programs designed to meet these requirements. More importantly, we understand how to keep the tenants in mind and make it all work together seamlessly.

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