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Trash Management for Movie Theatres

Movie theatre trash can pile up quickly in a day, leaving owners questioning the best ways to handle this looming situation. Typical trash that a movie theatre will face includes various papers, plastics, and aluminum, cardboard, and even glass.

Epax Systems of Van Nuys offers innovative managed waste services for effective trash management in movie theatres.
       Trash Management for Movie Theatres

A waste management plan that has not been set up properly will result in overflowing trash bins, wasted time dealing with loose trash, frequent trash pick-ups that are unnecessary, and foul odors that could potentially leave a nasty impression on customers.

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Waste Management Made Easy

We will work with you and your movie theatre business in establishing a robust waste management plan using our basic process. It all begins with a critical evaluation of your current managed waste services. Upon inspection, we will offer recommendations on areas that could use improvement, and then suggest the high-end industrial baler that fits your unique situation the best. We take care of the initial set-up of your baler, as well as instruct you on how to operate it. We also make routine visits to ensure the established plan is working, as well as the baler.

Maximizing your waste disposal costs is where Epax Systems shines. We have serviced other movie theatre owners, as well as shopping malls, restaurants, and residential areas in providing a solid recycling and waste management plan.

We have worked with multiple movie theatre owners, offering solutions aimed at one goal: saving your business money. A strong waste management plan will help your business cut costs on an aspect of business that is vastly overlooked.

If you want to learn more, have any questions or concerns, then give us a call @ 818.994.2870 or contact us online to learn how you can begin the path to building effective managed waste services handled by experienced professionals.
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