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We will help you to become eco-friendly!

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is an international environmental program, which stands to improve energy and water savings, indoor environmental quality, and emission reduction. LEED Certification is a symbol of excellence, which proves that the new or excising construction meets standards of “green” building and design. The grading system consists of seven categories with prerequisites and credits for each of them. The crucial role for getting LEED Certification of necessary level is played by waste management.        Epax for Leed Certification

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So let’s discuss more deeply what waste management standards the building should meet in order to receive a LEED symbol:
  1. Complete a waste audit and create a waste management policy.
    It includes establishing minimum elements of recycling programs and source reduction as well as quantifying waste stream volume.

  2. Provide the recycling of construction waste materials.
    In order to meet this condition the company should organize recycling of 50% or 75% of construction waste.

  3. Provide the recycling of solid waste.
    Maintain a waste reduction and recycling program for ongoing consumables, durable goods, facility alternatives, and additions.

  4. Provide the storage and collection of recyclables.
    This goal can be reached through organizing a special space that is meant for the collection of separated materials for recycling.
EPAX Systems can help you to meet all the waste management requirements in order to receive the LEED Certification and guarantee that your construction was built in the eco-friendly way.

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