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Industrial trash compactors are designed for commercial use to compact large quantities of trash. Recyclables such as aluminum, cardboard, and paper are the most common forms of trash disposed. Restaurants, apartment complexes and other multifamily developments, shopping centers, malls, hospitals, grocery stores, and may other types of businesses have employed the use of our industrial trash compactors.

       Industrial Trash Compactors

Why Would I Need a Trash Compactor?

Trash is often an afterthought for most businesses. When is the last time you had a professional audit on your waste disposal system? Chances are it’s been awhile, or never. No problem. Epax Systems, inc. specializes in reducing your costs in an aspect of business that is commonly overlooked.

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"Working with Epax Systems, Inc. has greatly cut down our costs in managing our bulky waste byproducts. Our CFO is very pleased with the efficiency and cost savings that have accrued from the industrial baler Epax recommended for our business. Before Epax, we were averaging around 1.1 tons of waste in a container. With Epax, we are now averaging 5.5 tons of waste in a single container which has drastically cut down the amount of hauls required to move this waste. They offer a great product & provide excellent customer service. We're more than satisfied!"

- Patrick H., Supply Chain Specialist, Ingeteam Inc

Benefits of Industrial Trash Compactors

Our Industrial trash compactors provide many benefits to any business:

Epax Systems Industrial Trash Compactor Features