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Epax Leader in Managed Waste Services

Why Epax Systems for Hospital Waste Management Services in California & Florida?

At last a solution that adopts sustainable strategies and streamlined solutions for your hospital waste management needs.

With a Nationwide presence through more than a 1,000 waste management systems placed we have earned the trust of Hospitals and businesses across the United States.
       Epax Systems for Hospital Waste Management Services
By working together we can help achieve your organizational goals of a sustainable solution. We start by looking at your current waste management process and then begin making our recommendations from there. We also recommend the best types of recycling equipment we believe your hospital will benefit from based on certain factors.

Leaders in Managed Waste Services | Request a FREE Quote: 800.220.6776
  • Help you Become Green or Greener.
  • Maximize Recycling
  • Reduce Hospital Waste Disposal
  • More Time to Focus on Other Critical Areas
  • Monetary Savings that Will Surprise You
  • A Cleaner and Safer Environment
  • Nation-Wide Waste Services

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Epax Systems - Committed to Caring for the Environment

Quite simply stated, our goal is to create the most environmentally friendly, economically and ecologically sound solutions for the handling of trash generated by our clients and customers, be it equipment selection and placement or, as in the case of large hospitals, complete and proper management of their discarded materials streams.

Our waste management plans help businesses fulfill LEED Certifications.

We are proud members of National Waste and Recycling Association.
National Waste and Recycling Association

What Are Some of Our Clients Saying?

Epax helped us get rid of the mess our old system created, we now have a clean and cost effective solution.

No more smelly trash in our loading dock, patients and staff thank you

Our waste handling cost dropped by 35%!!

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