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Grocery Store Managed Waste Services

Grocery stores, whether private or chain, are exposed to many forms of trash through their daily operations. From cardboard boxes lying around to food products that must be taken off the shelves for newer products, trash is an aspect that leaves many grocery store owners in a frenzy.

Epax Provides Commercial Trash Compactors to Grocery Stores

       Grocery Store Managed Waste Services
The last thing grocery store owners want to deal with is trash. Epax Systems of Van Nuys offers environmental waste management systems that are tried-and-true, using commercial strength technology engineered by professionals who understand the business of trash. Let us help you tackle your waste management problems by establishing a high-end baling system that does a majority of the work for you. This will enable you to focus on other areas of business that may help you stand out from the others – such as customer service.

Waste management is something that is heavily overlooked in any business, but it’s also an aspect that many businesses can save a great deal of money in if done properly and effectively. The number one goal of waste management is to save you money by implementing an effective trash management system that tailors to your business’s needs.

The Process of Building an Effective System
We help you establish the system from beginning to end using a basic process that many of our existing clients have found success in. It begins with a thorough inspection of your establishment that critically analyzes your already existing plan, where we then offer suggestions for improvement. We suggest the right high-end industrial baler that we believe your business will benefit from the most and then begin the process of implementing it. We set it up for you, instruct you on how to operate it, and then walk you through a routine plan that is easy to follow. We also check-in with your program on a routine basis to ensure everything is working as intended, including the baler.

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Epax Systems offers balers and compactors for more than just grocery stores. We cater to a wide range of service industries including grocery stores, theatres, shopping mall centers, restaurants, and even multi-family households. No matter what industry you are in, we have an appropriate trash compactor made for you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our managed waste services, then we’ll be happy to assist you @ 818.994.2870 or you could conveniently contact us online.
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