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Benefits of Industrial Balers


What is an Industrial Baler?

An industrial baler is a powerful hydraulic machine designed to compress recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, and aluminum/tin cans. Industrial balers come in two different forms: vertical and horizontal.

       Benefits of Industrial Balers | Vertical & Horizontal Balers
all about industrial balers

"Working with Epax Systems, Inc. has greatly cut down our costs in managing our bulky waste byproducts. Our CFO is very pleased with the efficiency and cost savings that have accrued from the industrial baler Epax recommended for our business. Before Epax, we were averaging around 1.1 tons of waste in a container. With Epax, we are now averaging 5.5 tons of waste in a single container which has drastically cut down the amount of hauls required to move this waste. They offer a great product & provide excellent customer service. We're more than satisfied!"

- Patrick H., Supply Chain Specialist, Ingeteam Inc

Vertical Industrial Balers

Vertical industrial balers are perfect for smaller businesses (i.e. restaurants) where there is less waste involved. Only one person is needed to operate a vertical baler. The trash is loaded onto the baler, compacted by the operator, tied with plastic straps/wire, and then manually unloaded (i.e. forklift) for transportation. Vertical balers are the more affordable choice.

Horizontal Industrial Balers

Horizontal industrial balers are designed for larger businesses that produce several tons of recyclable waste daily. These balers require more space and typically do not call for an operator as they are run automatically. After the recyclable waste has been loaded, the horizontal baler compacts it, straps it tight with plastic straps/wire, and then places it onto a conveyor belt where it falls into a bin that can be easily maneuvered around. The whole process is automated and attendants are only needed for loading the trash and replacing full bins with empty ones.

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What are the Benefits of Balers for your Business?

The main goal of implementing an industrial strength baler into your business is to save you money by minimizing your waste disposal costs. Many businesses make the simple mistake of overlooking their trash problems leading to inefficient practices, often costing them money.

Epax Systems can improve on this situation with its high-end balers to make your life more convenient. Compacted balers are picked up for recycling or even sold instead of being shipped to a landfill where it may take many years to break down, further adding to the waste problem that America continuously faces.

Balers can make your recycling efforts a breeze and provide other benefits as well. By recycling compacted materials you help the environment by reducing production of green house gases, conserving natural resources (i.e. trees), and free up any space that was once used to store your waste.

Don’t waste your time, money, and resources hassling with old techniques to discard your recyclable waste. Take advantage of technology that is designed specifically to improve efficiency and help you save money, while also helping America tackle its scary waste and pollution problems. Contact Epax Systems today to see which industrial baler is a better fit for your business.

About Epax Systems Inc.

Epax Systems specializes in commercial trash compaction and waste management. They service the nation, coast-to-coast, in providing top of the line equipment for managing waste such as industrial horizontal balers and vertical balers, stationary compactors, indoor compactors, Ropax rotary compactors, odor control systems, and more. Equipment can be rented or leased.

Founded in 2000 and Headquartered in Los Angeles, Epax Systems has serviced hundreds of clients with its high quality waste management equipment and exceptionally efficient waste management services. Epax Systems is a green, eco-friendly company that has been certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an international symbol of excellence.

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