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Epax systems, inc. is proud to announce the addition of our new blog that will allow us the opportunity to share with you various articles and blogs featuring our expertise on the topics of:

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Who is Epax Systems, inc.?

You may be wondering, who are we anyways? Sure, no problem. We’re an environmental technology business founded in 2000 with our headquarters located in Los Angeles, CA. However, we provide service and products to clients all over the world.

What Do You Offer?

Most people don’t exactly know what we mean when we say “environmental technology business”. We’ll cut to the chase: we offer waste management consulting services, but our main thing is selling, renting, and leasing out waste & recycling equipment aimed at improving a business’ trash management program in order to cut down on operating costs.

What are the Benefits of Balers to Your Business?

Our Latest Product

Our latest product is the ROPAX® Jumbo Compactor engineered specifically for large, bulky volumes of trash. Our video below features the power and efficiency of the ROPAX® Jumbo Compactor.

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