Waste Management Services in Los Angeles
Industrial and Commercial Trash Compactors

Industrial and Commercial Trash Compactors

Top-of-the-line Equipment
for Waste Management

Top-of-the-line equipment for all your recycling and waste collection needs.

We help you select the right equipment, deliver and install it, and train your people in its correct use. Selling Cram-a-Lot and other leading brands, we can source exactly what you need for almost any application... Read More

No or Low Money Down
for Equipment Purchases

You may have no-or-low-money-down alternatives to equipment purchases.

We offer rental and leasing options that may enable you more affordable access in meeting your equipment needs. Our goal is to provide you the means necessary to manage your trash with the right equipment... Click here for more information.

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A Wide Spectrum of Trash
Management Services

Choose among a wide spectrum of trash management services to make your job easier.

We offer any level of innovation you may want, or need, be it audits of your trash streams, advisories on how you can be more cost-effective, or how you can meet local diversion... Read More

Save Money with Factory
Remanufactured Equipment

Our factory remanufactured equipment can save you money.

We often rebuild and recycle equipment we receive in trade-ins and close-outs, too. Our careful equipment selection and rebuilding workmanship is so good we can, in most instances, offer you a full, factory-new, warranty... Read More

Waste Management for
Shopping Centers & Malls

If you are a shopping center or mall, you can enjoy the ultimate in our management services programs.

Take advantage of the most sophisticated packaging of our services and the ultimate in equipment selection, deployment and management. Recover cost through contracted.

Epax Systems, Inc. provides nationwide managed waste services & top-of-the-line equipment including commercial trash compactors, industrial balers, indoor compactors, odor control systems, stationary compactors, apartment compactors, self-contained compactors & more to a variety of industries such as restaurants, movie theaters, retail, hospitals, shopping centers & malls, grocery stores, multi-family housing developments & more. Rental & Leasing options offered. Get a FREE, no obligation quote today. 800.220.6776.